Notes from Pastor Dan

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April 25

Who did Jesus come for?

The Gospel of Matthew, from which we draw this week’s sermon, is perhaps the most clear in all the Bible on exactly who Jesus came to save: It is for all the people of all the world.

We get the first taste of this idea that Jesus came for all in an event associated with his birth. Remember the account of the Wise Men who came to visit the young Jesus. They came from the East. They clearly were not members of the Hebrew nation. Yet, they recognized Jesus as the one who would be their king and their salvation. So, one did not have to be a Jew or even a fellow descendant of King David to become a resident of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Later, Jesus makes it clear – in Matthew 28, he tells his disciples to go out and teach the Good News and make disciples “of all nations.”

So, who should we invite to join us in our church? People of all nations, of all walks of life, of all backgrounds. We should invite anyone who needs salvation to join us. Personally, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need the gift of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in his/her life.

Certainly, there are other important messages in Matthew. And there are other books of the Bible that direct that God’s salvation is for all (Acts Chapter 10 and the account of Peter’s vision quickly comes to mind). But there can be no doubt that the universality of Jesus’ message is a key theme to this Gospel.

And if Jesus came for all, there can be no doubt whatsoever that he also came for you. In fact, Matthew and the entire Bible makes it clear, God’s love for you knows no bounds. That, my friends, is some good news worth sharing.

God’s love and peace to you all.

Pastor Dan