Committees of the church are chaired by elders and deacons.  Members of the congregation are always encouraged to serve on them.

Audit: Members are elected each year to audit the financial records of the church annually.

Christian Education: Chooses the annual curriculum and coordinates the teaching schedules for our youth.  New curriculum is always being reviewed so that it is an up-to-date, relevant, and engaging way for the children to learn the ways of the Bible.

Finance: Creates the annual budget that is then voted on by the session. This committee is also responsible for making sure that the spending in the church is in line with the approved budget as the fiscal year progresses.  They are also responsible for keeping the members informed on their contribution status, per capita payments, and the overall financial health of the church.

Member Care: Comprised of deacons, is known for its compassion and care as it reaches out to members who may be in need of assistance.  It also coordinates visits, cards and phone calls to new members or to those who may be less active members.

Mission: Helps to decide where Mission monies are best directed and it keeps the congregation informed of opportunities to reach out locally to the community as well as  nationally and internationally.

Nominating: Responsibilities within this committee include helping to identify members who may be willing to serve as elders, deacons or on committees.

Personnel: Responsible for overseeing the church staff, from hiring, to maintaining job descriptions, to conducting staff evaluations.

Property Management: Maintains all aspects of the church building and grounds. Ensures that all parts of the building and equipment are in good working order and oversees all related maintenance.

Worship: Meets regularly with the pastor to discuss and help plan church services and associated content, pulpit needs and music.