For Adults

Here, we discuss topics related to our faith and to spiritual matters. We may read books written by prominent authors, or we may watch videos of interest.

Some of the authors we’ve studied include J. Harold Ellens, John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, William Sloane Coffin, and Diana Butler Bass.

Some of the videos we’ve viewed include “From Jesus to Christ – The First Christians” (PBS Frontline), “The Future of the Church” (Phyllis Tickle), “Emergence Christianity” (Phyllis Tickle), “Parables of Jesus in Luke – A Middle Eastern Cultural View” (Kenneth Bailey), and “Saving Jesus” (Living the Questions).

Adult Educational Opportunities

Adult Sunday School Class starts October 30th
Join us as we begin our class at 8:30am to discuss the following book: Everything Must Change: When the World’s Biggest Problems and Jesus’ Good News Collide by Brian D. McLaren . How can the life and teachings of Jesus impact the most critical global problems in our world today? If you are hungry for a fresh vision of what it means to be a person of faith, this book shows what would happen when Jesus’ Good News collides with a world in need. At the end of each chapter there are questions to stimulate conversation.

For Children & Youth

Picture1We will now be using the new Presbyterian curriculum “Growing in Grace & Gratitude.” The purpose of this curriculum is to help transform the lives of children and those who love them, by framing it with the use of grace and gratitude. It is rooted in the foundation of Presbyterian identity where God’s grace and our gratitude are the heartbeat of our faith, life, and worship. The curriculum encourages children to live their lives as an expression of God’s grace. Each session shares a Bible story that reveals God’s grace for us. Through fun, age-appropriate activities, prayer, and singing, children and their leaders will celebrate the meaning of this grace in their lives as they encounter a living God.

Sunday School Schedule for April and May
April 23rd: Matthew 28:16-20 “Jesus Will Always Be With Us”. Also, a composite of lessons about Jesus’ life. Teachers: Kelly & Doug Ray
April 30th: Matthew 4:23-5:11 The Beatitudes. Teachers: Karen & Al Lake
May 7th: Communion. Children in church to present to congregation OGHS donation
May 14th: Mother’s Day. Matthew 20: 1-16 “The Generous Landowner”. Teachers: Becky Misuraca or Ruth Fedor/Karen Lake
May 21st: Last Sunday of Sunday School until September. Review of year. Teachers: Kelly & Doug Ray