For Adults

Here, we discuss topics related to our faith and to spiritual matters. We may read books written by prominent authors, or we may watch videos of interest.

Some of the authors we’ve studied include J. Harold Ellens, John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, William Sloane Coffin, and Diana Butler Bass.

Some of the videos we’ve viewed include “From Jesus to Christ – The First Christians” (PBS Frontline), “The Future of the Church” (Phyllis Tickle), “Emergence Christianity” (Phyllis Tickle), “Parables of Jesus in Luke – A Middle Eastern Cultural View” (Kenneth Bailey), and “Saving Jesus” (Living the Questions).

Adult Educational Opportunities
Join us for Adult Sunday School at 8:30am on Sunday mornings to discuss various books, films, speakers and authors. All are welcome!

For Children & Youth

Sunday School Program for children at First Presbyterian Church of Troy:
The Dwell program has been selected by our Christian Education Team for our current Sunday School Program,
2019-2020. It is from the Faith Alive Christian Resources in Grand Rapids, MI, [].

This curriculum offers a variety of suggested activities to show children how God is at work in their lives today, just as he was in the Bible stories they study. Each story is taught from a Reformed, God-centered perspective.

We have a small Sunday School group of 5 children ages 9 – 12, who meet with 2 adult teachers twice each month, September to June. Memory verses and take-home pieces extend each lesson to the child’s home and family.